the company

dog and bone design is a small company, in fact, it is mainly just me. Liz Willner. After graduating CCA in 1993, I started dog and bone as a freelance design company which provided collateral materials for small and medium sized businesses. Over time I discovered that the web was where I wanted to be, so now that is pretty much all i do**. When necessary I do have a team of other freelancers I consult with for larger jobs, advanced SQL or print work.

the frontend

I like to build standards compliant sites with clean, minimal code and lots of communication.

the backend

I build sites using xhtml and css and that are fully standards compliant. When needed I throw in PHP, mySQL, Flash, and javascript (or AJAX). I am a firm believer in form following function and will always try to match the best UI method to the job. I like to build people sites that they can update themselves using Content Management Systems. I have used a few and at the moment I prefer Joomla. I build applications that are needed using CakePHP. If you need an e-commerce solution, a store can be integrated into Joomla (VirtueMart) or a standalone one can be built using ZenCart.

Do you need your data repurposed for the web. Is it stuck in QuarkXpress or InDesign? I can convert it using XML.


I have been known from time to time to do a little photography, illustration or branding if I am already doing a site.